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Advanced and Basic Life Support Treatment and Transport

MedEvac Ambulance’s highly trained and skilled staff of medical professionals are capable of providing a wide range of patient care services including: emergency trauma care, cardiac, stroke, spinal and head injury trauma care, and treatment for burns and poisonings.

Non-Emergent Transportation

MedEvac Ambulance is contracted with hospitals, nursing facilities, home health, hospice and managed care agencies to provide reliable on-time non-emergency ambulance transportation service for patients requiring inter-facility transfers. We also offer wheelchair van transportation service for those patients who are very independent, but may require some assistance to and from the doctor’s office or other medical appointments.

Community and Athletic Event Medical Coverage

MedEvac Ambulance’s skilled medical professionals and state of the art equipment are available to provide medical standby coverage for community, school athletic or private events.

CPR and First Aid Training

MedEvac Ambulance provides CPR and First Aid training for local businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals in our community. Please contact our business office to schedule training or for information on our upcoming scheduled training sessions.

Qualified Medical Staff

Advanced Life Support

Advanced Life Support (ALS) describes services wherein paramedics provide emergency treatment and transportation. Paramedics rapidly assess a patient’s medical condition, administer medications, defibrillate and provide advanced airway management interventions.

Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the level of ambulance service for patients who require transport, but do not require extensive medical interventions or therapy.

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